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Тест на знание

английского языка

Онлайн-тест на определение уровня владения английским языком по системе
Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Вам предстоит пройти тест из 50 вопросов, каждый из которых имеет единственно
верный вариант ответа. Для получения максимально точной оценки уровня Ваших
знаний постарайтесь не пользоваться справочными материалами.

Желаем успехов!

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Тест по английскому языку

1. Every Sunday we ___________ to the forest — it’s our tradition.
go going are going
2. At the moment he ___________ about his favourite film.
speak is speaking speaks
3. In Greece ___________ a lot of antique statues.
there are there is is
4. There aren’t ___________ problems with this computer.
some a any
5. I know ___________ about history. Sorry!
a few little less
6. When I was 3 years old I ___________ hide and seek.
played have played has played
7. In winter a lot of snow castles and ice playgrounds ___________ in Novokuznetsk.
are built built build
8. My sister ___________ English for 4 years and still doesn’t understand anything.
has studied have studied studied
9. We ___________ a palm tree for you, here you are!
had bought bought have bought
10. Are you good ___________ blogging?
in at of
11. I think that ___________ dentists are also scary.
a friendly friendly the friendly
12. Sam is a person ___________ is ready to help.
who which whose
13. Sandra is a person ___________ sister is a ballet star.
who which whose
14. Opera and Ballet theatre and the Zoo are ___________ places to visit in Moscow.
more popular the most popular the more popular
15. Look ___________ the picture!
on to at
16. My Dad enjoys ___________ birds.
to watch watching watch
17. I am not excited about ___________ up this hill — it’s too steep.
walk walking to walk
18. Before we ___________ to Spain, we read about this country.
were travelling travel travelled
19. Your bag is so heavy, ___________ you?
I will help I am going to help shall I help
20. I have always hated ___________ noisy friends and dogs.
their theirs there
21. I haven’t finished work yet, so I ___________ go home and have a rest!
have to may prefer to
22. In 10 years time Novokuznetsk ___________ more attractive for tourism.
will become will have become becomes
23. Parks and green holiday zones ___________ for ages and they are still attractive.
have been built have built were built
24. In the nearest future we ___________ replace teachers by computers.
can could will be able to
25. If you walked more, you ___________ see more exciting places.
will be able to will can could
26. If you fly by plane, you ___________ have bottles of water in your hand luggage.
will never don’t have to are prohibited to
27. The children were ___________ about our New Year party.
exciting excited excite
28. If I ___________ you, I would not have said «Hello!».
had not seen didn’t see wouldn’t see
29. It’s nice ___________ on TV!
to be be been
30. You look stressed, ___________ we go out and relax?
must do shall
31. To translate the word look it ___________ in the dictionary on my desk.
up on under
32. To find a funny element in the picture, ___________ carefully.
look at it look on it look it up
33. This is the most expensive cottage ___________ the residential area.
of in on
34. I am looking forward ___________ from you.
to hearing hear hearing
35. I ___________ translate this text yesterday.
can’t mustn’t couldn’t
36. We love ___________ out every Saturday night.
eat eating ate
37. I did not hurt your feelings, ___________ ?
did I didn’t I I did
38. Can you translate this work ___________ Friday night?
to for by
39. This time next week we ___________ potatoes at the countryside.
‘ll dig ‘ll be digging ‘ll have dug
40. It is terrible ___________ no brothers or sisters.
have to have having
41. When I was small, I ___________ like playing dolls.
have been used to would
42. I could not wake up early but now I ___________ it.
use got used to used
43. I am not sure where I put my glasses, I ___________ them on the window seat.
might have put might be put might have been putting
44. My friend knew that I ___________ immediately.
would come will come come
45. We all regretted that the house ___________ and now there was only an ugly pile of stones.
went had gone was going
46. If he doesn't come in the next 10 minutes, we ___________ without him.
started would start will start
47. If only I ___________ richer.
am were will be
48. Can you tell me when ___________ ?
does the train leaves the train leaves does leave the train
49. We would never have had the accident if you ___________ so fast.
wouldn’t been driving hadn’t been driving had driven
50. Negotiations ___________ to continue into the weekend.
are expected are expecting expect
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